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Kentala Cover Company live:
25.7: Apollo, Helsinki
26.7: Apollo, Helsinki
13.8: Apollo, Helsinki

Kentala live:
3.5: Kentala Plays Chili Peppers, Amarillo, Porvoo
14.6: Kentala Duo, Amarillo, Porvoo

Kentala live:
25.10: For your ears only - The Music of The James Bond Movies
Stadia Big Band feat. Kentala & Johanna Försti, voc., Arabia-sali, Helsinki
12.12: Kentala & Osmo, Henry's Pub, Helsinki

Kentala live:
6.4: Kentala Cover Company, Amarillo, Vaasa
2.5: Kentala & Osmo, Henry's Pub, Helsinki
16.5: Kentala Plays Kravitz, Henry's Pub, Helsinki
26.5: with Alliance, Presidentti Club, Helsinki
13.6: Kentala & Osmo, Henry's Pub, Helsinki
21.6: with Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute, Henry's Pub, Helsinki
27.7: with Wee People, Naamat-festival, Muurame
28.7: with Wee People, Jazz Bar, Jyväskylä
1.8: Kentala & Osmo, Henry's Pub, Helsinki
29.8: Kentala & Osmo, Henry's Pub, Helsinki

Kentala live:
3.2: Eurovision SC 2007, YLE TV2 klo 19.00
10.2: with Wee People, Giggling Marlin, Jyväskylä
17.2: Euroviision SC 2007, YLE TV2 klo 19.00

Ok, now it's official: I was invited to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 and I said yes. I enjoyed the experience in 2005 and I hope it turns out to be just as much fun this time (or double, since I now get to do two of my own songs). Website:

Kentala & Björklund Experience Duo Live:
26.5: Sky (Amarillo), Vaasa
27.5: Friends, Pietarsaari

My funk/rock-band Wee People signed with independent record label Comrade Publishing. Check:,

My site is finally online!
I've spent this winter mainly writing new material and building a new studio/rehearsal space in Helsinki and of course doing small things like this site. It's not going to be too small for long though, as I'm going to keep it always up-to-date.